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Girls Trips

Skamania Lodge

Overall Vibe: 8/10

Accessibility: 8/10

Amenities: 8/10

Girls trips look a little different these days. This was the first girls trip since our lives have changed. My best friend Jenn brought her amazing daughter (and my niece) and I had the opportunity to bring my Mom with me on my girls trip.

We ended up having the best time. We enjoyed wonderful meals, excellent service and beautiful walks. We were impressed with how kind all of the servers were, our reservation times were honored and the gift shop contained wonderful items that brought a smile to my Mom’s face (feather shirt and snacks). Room service was also delightful because it made it easy to feed both the little person and my Mom on schedule.

I was SO impressed with the accessibility of the bed. Often times when we end up in accessible rooms, but we find out that the bed is high and I end up having to do a full lift to get my Mom in the bed. The height of the beds at Skamania allowed me to keep Mom safe and not put additional strain on getting her in and out.

My only thought about this facility would be the inaccessibility for the trails and other outdoor activities. Even getting Mom to the firepits would have been practically impossible in her wheelchair and I feel like that is a disservice to people in wheelchairs. In addition, even navigating around the outside perimeters would be challenging.


  • Bed height: low enough to get Mom in/out

  • Roll in shower with bench

  • Automatic doors

  • First floor room right by the entry

  • Dining room and lounge completely accessible for Mom

  • Pool had accessible access for Mom with a lift

  • Room service


  • The bathroom door swings out, so Mom couldn’t go past the door to get the bathroom in the wheelchair without a lot of navigating

  • Bump on the way between rooms

  • Walkways were not accessible in wheelchair because of the gravel

  • Lots of the activities are geared towards able bodied individuals

  • Getting to the live music required us to navigate down gravel pathways

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