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Cedarbrook Resort and Spa: Came for the serenity, stayed for the drinks

Accessibility Vacation Review:

Overall vibe: 9/10

Accessibility: 8/10

Amenities: 8/10

Cedarbrook Spa and Lodge

I always dreamed of adult vacations with my Mom. Shopping, good food, sleepovers and silliness. Although adult vacations are going to look a little

different than I imagined, I am SO excited that we get to start making memories outside of our house now that COVID is in our rearview mirror.

On Sunday we took our first staycation. We went to the Cedarbrook Spa and Lodge in SeaTac. My wonderful friend Nina had taken me to the Cedarbrook as a pre-wedding present and treated me to a spa day/wine/lunch. The atmosphere was PERFECT that day and it was exactly as I remembered this time.

We had a wonderful dinner in front of the fireplace with Pizza. Mom enjoyed the fish and chips, which the waitress jokingly asked if it was the best fish and chips she had all day. Our waitress (and others) entertained us having Pizza with us. They complimented him, talked to her about him and enjoyed each other’s company.


· Elevators

· Great bathrooms: multiple grab bars

· Roll in shower

· Accessible meals

· Friendly


· The height of the bed- it was challenging with her limited mobility to get into the bed

· Parking/drop off kind of hard with a wheelchair and to access

· Potentially having an emergency and having a room on the 5th floor…how would I get her down the stairs?

· Bumps between the bathroom and main room

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