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They See Us Rollin’.

As part of my goal to make the most of living with dementia and wheelchair life: Mom and I had our first (of many!) VACATION! ❤️

We had a staycation at the @cedarbrooklodge and it went wonderfully. 🎉

Things that I learned/helped to make this SUPER successful (these are for road trip suggestions!):

-a packing list with incontinence supplies, medication, etc. (Linked here!)

-maintaining Mom’s schedule, especially bedtime, naps and meals

-bringing familiar items (favorite blanket, popcorn/pizza, books)

-bringing our mini blink camera (so I could have some independence-go to the bar, go to the car, etc.)

- booking wheelchair friendly accommodations and calling ahead to confirm for the accommodations/dinner reservations

-paying extra for services that make it easier (room service, parking, etc)

-advocating for Mom’s needs


in the moment (which is why I took very few pictures).

-edibles 🤣

-staying patient and going with the flow

-pack extra: extra depends, extra clothes, extra socks, everything. It’s worth it.

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